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Medicare Assistance

When it comes to making a final decision on Medicare, things can get a little confusing. If you need more information concerning the choices below or details about the enrollment process, get in touch with the professionals at ABC Advantaged Benefits Consultants right away at 318-219-2227. We're here to help.

1. Medicare Only (no additional help)

  • You pay Part B premium
  • You buy Prescription Drug Plan (PDP)
  • You pay deductibles ($1,316 – Pt A / $183 – Pt B)
  • You pay co-pays (Part A hospital, Skilled Nursing Facility days 21-100, 20% of Part B charges)

2. Medicare + Medicaid

  • You pay Part B premium or secure low-income subsidy
  • You pay co-pay for MEDICAID services
  • You pay for services NOT covered by Medicare or Medicaid
health care

3. Medicare + Group Insurance

  • You will only need Part A when Medicare participates with the Group Insurance
  • You pay ALL costs after Medicare and Group Insurance pay
health care

4. Medicare + Medicare Supplement

  • You pay Part B premium
  • You pay supplemental premium and deductibles / co-pays in selected plans
  • You MUST buy Prescription Drug Plan (PDP)

5. Medicare Advantage (assigned Medicare)

  • You pay Part B premium
  • Your PDP is an optional inclusion with medical
  • You pay co-pay on all services up to a limit (OOPS – Out of Pocket Spending)
  • You MUST check with PCP if involved
  • You MUST have ALL services approved by company
  • Your services MUST be within a contract service area (you use the drs and hospitals the ins co is contracted with)
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"Graham, thank you so much for all you did to get my Medicare claim appealed. You made numerous telephone calls on my behalf and I do appreciate it. All your hard work paid off. Medicare will pay the anesthesia service for my colonoscopy and then file my secondary plan so I will not be out $250. I do appreciate all you did for me."
Susan Strother
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